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We are an organization established by management agents and owners to generate a cooperative effort among industry peers and vendors that advances training, provides updated industry news, and represents member companies to our agency partners. To ensure our success, we rely on active participation from our members in committees designed to further AHMA’s organizational goals. We invite you to become involved in any committee that interests you and expands your career in the affordable housing industry.

Education & Training Committee

The Committee formed to make available training courses that meet the needs of our AHMA Members and their employees.  The E&T Committee works with the Executive Director to coordinate the production and promotion of education courses and seminars.  The priority is programs offered by NAHMA that set high standards to maintain the integrity of both course delivery and certification exams.  In addition, the committee will organize training sessions with our Agency Partners to develop “best practices” in compliance and operating procedures.

E&T Committee’s goal is to provide educational opportunities that meet the highest standards of quality by recognized trainers – around the state. This Committee will be chaired by a Member of the AHMA Board of Directors.

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee encourages and solicits membership in Idaho AHMA. The Committee works with the Executive Director to manage the membership lists, create marketing materials (brochures, email promotions, etc.), and advise the Board on issues related to membership. The Membership Committee welcomes new members and helps them become actively involved in our organization.

The Membership Committee’s goal is to encourage membership, maintain the active membership lists, address membership issues, and design marketing tools to promote Idaho AHMA. This Committee will be chaired by a Member of the AHMA Board of Directors.

More Information

The Board of Directors is committed to providing the support necessary to assist committees to ensure successful results.

Call Paul Kaine, Executive Director, at 208-243-9409 if you have questions.
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