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Trainer: Scott Michael Dunn

Scott Michael is the CEO of Costello Compliance. Before that, he was executive vice president of Zeffert & Associates for 12 years. He brings almost over three decades of direct experience in affordable housing management, auditing and training. He has worked with well over half of the state LIHTC agencies, many HOME participating jurisdictions, and HUD and Rural Development agencies. A recognized expert in the industry, Scott Michael has been published in numerous trade periodicals and is the author of several textbooks and regulatory manuals on various affordable housing programs. Besides his own subject matter expertise, he also has a proven track record of designing systems that leverage teams to review and ensure compliance and delivering excellent regulatory results and training.


Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management

Updated to cover Income Averaging and other breaking news!


Housing funded through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is an important part of the nation's affordable housing stock. This course clarifies the rules that must be followed in order to retain the tax credits. It also discusses the testable areas covered by the HCCP exam, a nationally recognized tax credit certification. This course is two full days and the optional exam is offered on the morning of the third day.


Attendees will receive easily portable slimline course manuals full of practical advice and useful tools and references!

Scott Michael Dunn, Costello Compliance's CEO and owner has almost three decades of experience in affordable housing and training in housing rules. This course leaves attendees better equipped to provide tax credit housing.

Managing Rural Development Compliance w/ Live Exam

The purpose of this course is to provide information for all interested personnel to successfully provide housing through RD regulations. This 1 ½ day course includes the optional live HCM-R exam.

Day 1 of this training will start with an overview of the RD Programs handbook HB – 2-3560 and the regulation 3560. We will then cover the housing programs under section 515 including family, elderly and congregate properties and how to maintain them. This section is followed by marketing and the application process. This includes the Civil Rights Act and the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) which covers application requirements, wait lists, and the required notices. We then discuss the project occupancy requirements on family, elderly and congregate properties and how to calculate income (7CFR .560.153 refers to 24 CFR 5.609 & 11) and assets along with allowable deductions and determining rent.

Day 2 covers the Recertification process for annual recerts, recerts due because of income or occupancy changes, and ineligible tenants. Lease requirements, tenant warning and termination concludes day 2 with a final review of the course.

Each attendee who completes this course will receive a useful course manual with references, and a certificate of attendance which counts towards their continuing education hours.

Offered as an option, Zeffert and Associates' Housing Compliance Manager for RD Exam (HCM-R) is an open book live exam with 100 questions. You will be given up to 3 hours to complete the exam on the second day and will need a score of 67 or higher to pass. Those who pass will be shipped a deluxe HCM-R designation.

Trainer: Ronnette Smith

As a Trainer with Zeffert and Associate, Ronnette brings over 15 years of affordable housing industry experience to her role. Prior to joining Zeffert & Associates, Ronnette began her career in affordable housing in 2001 working as a Compliance Coordinator for The Wilson Company where she ensured LIHTC compliance requirements for over 30 communities throughout the state of Florida. In 2013, she assumed the role as Sales and Marketing Manager where she conducted marketing and LIHTC training for over 30 communities. Her understanding of compliance policies, procedures, and training have given Ronnette the ability to provide the best compliance service possible. She holds a degree from Rollins College in English.


Ronnette lives in Florida and has been a resident all her life. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family, leisure travel, visiting theme parks with her daughter, and crafting new projects.


Ronnette holds the HCCP designation.


UPCS Fundamentals


Our training will include an overview of the UPCS coupled with in-depth study of the most critical inspectable areas. Using hundreds of actual photos, our instructor will educate you on what to look for when entering every apartment. Our training will include an in-depth review of the UPCS protocol coupled with a detailed study of the each inspectable areas (including point values for every defect). Additionally, we will work with PHA personnel to develop a simple yet detailed, singlesheet checklist that can be used by maintenance mechanics when entering any unit to aid in locating and alleviating defects according to UPCS throughout the entire year.


This training and checklist will ensure you are ready for your next REAC inspection.

Trainer: John Emery

John Emery was one of HUD’s original Certified REAC Inspectors back in the 90’s and later a HUD REAC Trainer. In 2000, John decided to ‘jump ship’ and use his UPCS expertise in assisting the affordable housing industry in preparing for these HUD/REAC inspections. He helped form US Inspection Group which is now the nation’s leading UPCS/REAC consulting firm with over 1500 clients in 45 states. John also is the author of USIG’s best selling UPCS Guidebook that has been instrumental in housing finally having an understanding of REAC’s confusing point system.



Multifamily Housing Specialist (MHS) Certification

Nan McKay and Associates, Inc.’s MHS certification course provides a comprehensive training on the HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1, including eligibility, screening and selection, admission, rent calculation, recertification, termination, and a discussion of HUD’s multifamily systems. NMA is the only training provider that has included in its course material specific requirements for PHAs that are participating in HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. If your PHA is participating in the RAD program and has elected to transform its public housing to project-based rental assistance (PBRA), this training is a must.

The MHS seminar is designed specifically for anyone who works with HUD’s multifamily program, including:


• Housing authorities that are transitioning to project-based rental assistance (PBRA) under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program


• Staff who need training on HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1


• People who manage multifamily project-based Section 8, including management company staff

Trainer: Heather Wiedenfeld

Heather has over 17 years of low-income housing experience. She began her career working for a private management company in the compliance department. She was responsible for oversight and monitor properties with Project Based Section 8 (PBS8), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), HOME, and Rural Development (RD). During this time, she also oversaw the Acquisition and Rehabilitation of 10 project based Section 8 properties using the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, including the certification and relocation of all the residents. After this, Heather worked for Idaho Housing and Finance Association in their compliance department doing various roles including Quality Assurance Auditor and Interim Housing Compliance Manager. She was part of the team that successfully bid for 5 states during the two rebids of the Performance Based Contract Administration packages. She oversaw the ongoing state compliance programs as the state allocation agency for the LIHTC program, the TCA and PBCA for the Project Based Section 8 Program, and the Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) for the HOME program. She was also the designated trainer for the state and created and executed over 20 different training programs during this time. Heather also worked for Syringa Property Management, as the Director of Compliance responsible for the compliance team that oversaw 80 low income housing properties in 8 different states. She also created an online training program for the entire company and web library for the training that was created during this time, including over 20 separate segments on all aspects of low-income housing management.

Each attendee must be registered separately online!